ICT Supplies & Solutions

ICT Supplies and Solutions
Boma Technologies Provides your homes, Office and Institution with a wide range of ICT Solutions from Computer Sales, Computer Accessories ,Computer Networking for both home and businesses, provision of high speed internet and Development of Websites and Web Applications.

We stock a wide variety of imported Computers and accessories which we are able to supply to you at affordable rates. We supply TFTs, CPUs, Laptops, Laptop chargers, Laptop Batteries, Key boards, wireless mouse, wireless keyboards etc.

Our qualified technicians will offer you affordable and efficient ICT services like, Laptop screen replacement, Personal Computer repairs, Laptop repairs, provision of Local and Wide Area Networks (LAN & WAN),Installation of CCTV Cameras to homes, businesses and institutions, Provision of Access Controls to Homes and Business etc.

We also develop responsive websites that enable you establish your online presence and advertise your products to the world. We are able to link your website to your social media accounts which enable you to drive sales up by telling consumers the products or services you are offering. The websites have a live chat platform as per request that enable you talk to your clients on a one on one basis hence understanding their needs and serving them better. With elegant websites from Boma Technologies, you are able to expand your market beyond the traditional borders and reach overseas market hence turning your business into profitability beyond your imaginations.

In the word of Internet of things, we make sure your businesses and institutions have online applications that enable you operate efficiently. From online Point of Sale Systems (POS), Online Exam Analysis Software for Schools and Institutions AND Online HR and Payroll Systems, we develop and customize software that enable you monitor your business anywhere at your own convenience.
We have handy Point Of Sale System that can operate both offline and online with the online one being popular amongst our clients as it enables a businessman monitor sales at his or her shop anywhere. The system has powerful reporting structure that enable you produce daily, weekly, monthly and annual reports on parameters like sales volume, net profit, items in stock and out of stock, cash flow statements, balance sheet and suggestion on actions to be taken at any given time by the business.

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